Honey, I blew up the Galaxy S

Today we received a package with a special surprise inside and we thought we'd share it with you.

We aren't the first to think it and we won't be the last. Even the box of the new Galaxy Tab looks like a larger version of the kind of packaging we see on smartphones.

Photo by: CBSi

A Galaxy in your pocket?

OK, we're going to need bigger pockets on our jeans, but it's definitely small enough to follow you everywhere.

Photo by: CBSi

Top deck

We really like the white plastic back, it gives the Galaxy Tab a unique feel it may have lacked with a piano-black covering.

Photo by: CBSi

Odds and ends

The Tab ships with a standard bunch of accessories, including a proprietary charger similar to Apple's famous iPod connector.

Photo by: CBSi


Time to slip into something a little more comfortable.

Photo by: CBSi

It's alive...

With little fanfare the Galaxy Tab is powered on.

Photo by: CBSi

Zoom zoom!

No sooner does the Galaxy light up that we're racing around in Need for Speed.

Photo by: CBSi

External card slots

SIM card? Check. MicroSD? Check.

Photo by: CBSi

You'll have to speak up, I'm on the tablet

The microphone on the Galaxy Tab is closest to the top, so there'll be no pretending you're on the phone with this one.

Photo by: CBSi

Say cheese

In theory it might seem ridiculous taking photos with a tablet computer, but there is something awesome about having a 7-inch viewfinder.

Photo by: CBSi


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