Verizon now lets you add multiple phone numbers to a single device

You can hold up to four numbers on a single phone for $15 per additional line.

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Lynn La

With My Numbers, you can have a separate line for your Family and Work contacts.


If you're a Verizon customer and having only one phone number isn't cutting it for you, there's a new solution available. 

Known as My Numbers, Verizon's new service plan lets you add up to four numbers to a single phone. Consolidating multiple numbers into a single device is useful if you travel often, have a work phone, or own a business that has its own number. 

Each new line costs $15 a month and you'll get unlimited domestic calling and texting.

Other carriers offer similar services. In 2016, T-Mobile launched Digits, which allowed one device to carry multiple phone numbers. It also let you apply one number to many devices, though at that time AT&T and Verizon provided that capability as well.

In a similar but not entirely identical vein, phones like the latest Palm "phone," which has limited features, uses Verizon's Messages+ app to forward your number and reroute incoming calls and texts from your regular phone to the Palm device. It essentially allows your number to work on two phones. The minimalist Light phone also does this with phones from other carriers like AT&T.

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