Verizon Adds NFL Sunday Ticket Offer, Dangles Free Season for Wireless Switchers

Football fans looking to save on NFL Sunday Ticket have a new option, at least if they're willing to switch to Verizon.

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Eli Blumenthal
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NFL Sunday Ticket YouTube

NFL Sunday Ticket is heading to YouTube in 2023.

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Verizon's partnership with the NFL and YouTube is extending to NFL Sunday Ticket. On Wednesday, the wireless carrier announced that it would be making the popular out-of-market football package available at a discount through its Plus Play content management platform, and bundling in the upcoming NFL season for free for some new wireless and home internet subscribers. 

Plus Play, which was announced last year, is Verizon's attempt to become the hub for managing your various subscriptions and streaming services. The carrier handles billing and has partnered with a host of major brands, including Disney Plus, Max, Netflix and Xbox, to sell their respective subscriptions on its platform and offer discounts to Verizon users. 

The company has long worked with the NFL, including selling its NFL Plus service on Plus Play, and has similarly offered YouTube TV subscriptions on its Plus Play service. With YouTube taking over from DirecTV as the exclusive home of NFL Sunday Ticket starting this season, a new deal for Verizon users isn't a big surprise. 

The ways to save on Sunday Ticket with Verizon

As for how to get the savings on Sunday Ticket when the deal goes live on Thursday, well, it's a bit complicated. 

The simplest and largest savings: Switch to Verizon, sign up for its pricier, new Unlimited Plus plan and get a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 or Z Fold 5, and the carrier will give you a year of Sunday Ticket for free. That's a savings of $449 compared to the regular price YouTube will charge for Sunday Ticket if you don't also pay for YouTube TV, or a $399 savings from what the company is currently charging (with the $50 discount coming via a promotion it's running through Sept. 19). 

Other eligible phones for this offer include Google's Pixel Fold, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, as well as Motorola's Edge Plus and Samsung's Galaxy S23 line. Verizon tells CNET the deal will similarly be available with Apple's iPhone 14 line.

While you can be eligible for the deal today, it won't be able to be redeemed until Aug. 11.

It is worth noting that this version of Sunday Ticket doesn't include the popular RedZone channel, but you can add that in for $40. It also isn't offering YouTube TV proper, which is Google's cable-like streaming service and has local channels for ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. 

As NFL Sunday Ticket only streams games that are available outside your local television area (or what is known as out-of-market broadcasts), you will need a subscription to the $73-per-month YouTube TV proper -- or an antenna, satellite, cable or streaming provider -- to watch NFL games that air on local CBS and Fox stations in your area on Sunday afternoons, even if you have Sunday Ticket. 

New home internet users who sign up for one of Verizon's pricier plans -- 5G Home Plus or LTE Home Plus for wireless broadband, Fios 1 Gig or 2 Gig for wired broadband -- can similarly get a free season of Sunday Ticket. Home internet users in the "select cities" of Pittsburgh, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, DC, can also get "up to" $150 in Fanatics gift cards. 

Those signing up for Fios Gig can get a $150 gift card, while those choosing the 500Mbps or 300Mbps options can get $50 gift cards. 

As for existing wireless customers, Verizon is offering $100 off a subscription to Sunday Ticket, but the carrier tells CNET that these users will need to switch to its new Unlimited Plus plan to be eligible. Existing Fios users can also get $100 off, but need to be on a 1 Gig or 2 Gig plan. 

In any scenario, you'll then need to sign up for Sunday Ticket through Plus Play if you have wireless service or 5G Home or LTE Home. Verizon Fios users will not need to use Plus Play and will instead get a redemption code via email once they upgrade to the eligible service.  

In short, unlike other Verizon Plus Play offers -- which are available to most Verizon users regardless of their plans -- you will need to be on Unlimited Plus or upgrade your wireless plan to be able to get Sunday Ticket at a discount.