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Use Siri to talk to Google Assistant on your iPhone

Step aside, Siri! You're no longer needed.

Talking to Google Assistant on an iPhone is hardly new -- Google released its Assistant app in 2017. But the process for getting to Google Assistant didn't involve its typical "OK Google" or "Hey Google" command.

Instead, you had to manually open the app or launch it using a widget. It worked, but only if you really liked Google Assistant.

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With the release of iOS 12 and Siri's new Shortcuts feature, third-party apps can integrate with Apple's personal assistant. Meaning Google can now use Siri to trigger Google Assistant.

To use the new Siri Shortcut feature in Google Assistant, you'll need to make sure the Google Assistant app is updated in the App Store (or install it for the first time here).

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Next, open the Google Assistant app, where you should immediately see a prompt to create the shortcut. Tap Add to Siri, then on the next screen tap the red button and say the phrase you want to use to invoke Google Assistant. Sticking with "OK Google" is an easy way to remember the phrase.

Once you're done, you need to invoke Siri, then use the new Google shortcut, followed by your command to Google. So, it'd be something like "Hey, Siri. OK Google, what's the weather like?"

You'll need to try out the command a few times to get a better idea of how long after saying "OK Google" you can continue with the latter part of the command (the app needs a second to open, after all).

Obviously you'll want to use Google Assistant's more advanced features, otherwise you might as well ask Siri. But Google's AI servant is updated all the time -- here are seven ways Google Assistant was improved this year. 

And here are all the ways you can use Google Assistant in your smart home, where it's particularly powerful.