US Open golfer's phone case is, well, not for everyone

Commentary: Ryder Cup player Paul Casey has a large, glamorous image of his fiancée on the outside of his phone case. A new trend?

Chris Matyszczyk
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U.S. Open - Preview Day 2
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U.S. Open - Preview Day 2

The perfect way to express your love?

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I tend to believe that phone cases are a scourge that serves only to show painful lack of taste.

Why cover up a beautiful product with pink sparkles or a Superman logo?

British golfer Paul Casey, however, believes they're perfect for showing off beauty that's personal to him.

As he practiced for the US Open, which started on Thursday, Casey was captured taking a photograph with his phone. What was revealed is that on the outside of his phone case is a rather alluring image of a rather fetching female.

This turns out to be Pollyanna Woodward, a British TV presenter who also turns out to be Casey's fiancée. 

Many people have images of their loved ones on their home screen, which sometimes means pictures of themselves.

Still, I'm not sure that every lover would be comfortable to have their image so exposed on a phone case exterior -- especially such a glamorous snap.

I wouldn't enjoy it, for example, if my girlfriend bought a case and slapped a soft-focus image of me in my Speedo on it. 

Still, the idea of plastering a case with someone's image -- that of Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, for example -- isn't new.

Moreover, this isn't the first time that Casey has chosen to sport Woodward's image in a somewhat public (and personal) manner. In April, she posted an Instagram image of Casey's jacket, which enjoyed a similarly enticing image of her all over its lining.

Public displays of affection are clearly a thing for this couple. I am happy for them.

Well, if a phone case is good for something, perhaps it's good for advertising your own good fortune. 

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