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Your special gold iPhone with Trump portrait is already here

Technically Incorrect: A Russian company releases a new iPhone in its Supremo series. Its purpose is to create a rapprochement between the US and Russia.

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Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

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Glasnost at its finest.

screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

We have a new national color.

Our president-elect has demonstrated his fondness for gold over the years and now I expect the White House will be repainted and renamed to reflect this.

Some enterprising souls are already trying to create high-fashion items to get ahead of the trend. A company called Caviar has created a special edition gold iPhone, blessed with a portrait of Donald Trump .

Stunningly, Caviar is a Russian company and this so-called "Changeover iPhone" enjoys political, as well as entrepreneurial intentions.

The company explains in its PR blurb: "This phone is a material expression of hopes for rapprochement of Russia and USA and for confirmation of well-disposed Trump's words about Russia by deeds which will lead to Changeover of relations between two Great Powers."

What says rapprochement better than gold?

Should this element have evaded you, Trump has been accused of having slightly cozy relations with Vladimir Putin , a man he either has or hasn't met. There have even been suggestions that Putin was involved in WikiLeaks' revelations about Hillary Clinton's emails that rather queered her pitch to the people.

Still, you're a great patriot, so you'll want to know how much this glorious Supremo Trump Changeover gold iPhone 7 will cost. Well, you have to hand over 197,000 rubles. Which, at this minute, is around $3,008.

This is what on Fifth Avenue they term a bargain.

To my eyes, the portrait of Trump isn't entirely lifelike. It could just as easily be Mike Pence or John F. Kennedy.

It has nothing, indeed, on the fine likeness of Putin himself on the many special Supremo iPhones that Caviar sells. Who could resist the new Supremo Putin Damascus Black Gold edition?

Caviar says, "We will do our best to deliver the smartphone to mister Trump."

I wonder whether anyone will sweep it for bugs first.