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Three Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets expected next month

Samsung won't be holding its usual Samsung Unpacked event at trade show MWC in February.

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Richard Trenholm
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Three new Samsung Galaxy Tab tablets could be about to arrive as Samsung makes plans for trade show MWC next month -- but the Samsung Galaxy S4 almost certainly won't be there.

Clues pointing towards three new Galaxy Tab Android tablets have been spotted in user agent profile code by Indian blog Techkiddy. The logical place for them to take a bow is Mobile World Congress, the annual trade show where phone manufacturers, networks, app-builders, press and assorted mobile types gather in Barcelona to wheel, deal and appeal to customers.

Samsung will use the show to give the world the first chance to leave mucky fingerprints all over new devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Express and the heavily leaked 8-inch Galaxy Note 8.

Typically the major manufacturers throw lavish press conferences to reveal their killer kit. That may not be the case for Samsung this year, with no sign of the traditional Samsung Unpacked event. I've contacted Samsung to confirm plans for the show.

Of course, MWC is first and foremost an industry event. So even if forthcoming phones aren't revealed to the world, they're likely to be tucked away in executive pockets, ready to be shown to networks and partners in private. 

The starting pistol has already been fired on the year's big announcements. Sony has already announced the Sony Xperia Z, and BlackBerry 10 and the next generation of BlackBerry phone are being unveiled as I type.

HTC is set to be first into the MWC scrum with a press event on 19 February in several cities to unleash its latest kit. Nokia is waiting until 25 February, the first day of the actual MWC show, to announce the latest Lumia news.

As the biggest phone company in the world, Samsung has obviously figured out what Apple has already known: that it's bigger than MWC. Instead of getting lost in the deluge of new announcements, the likes of the S4 and the iPhone stand alone.

No matter what's announced, I'll be there with my phone-fancying friends and colleagues, so keep it CNET for all the essential news, previews and videos of the coolest new phones, tablets and other telephonicular kit.

Is Samsung right to play its cards close to its chest? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.