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HTC jumps the gun on rivals, new products on 19 February

HTC will reveal the next generation of HTC smart phones on 19 February, days before smart phone rivals do the same.

HTC will reveal its next generation of smart phones on 19 February -- the week before its mobile rivals gather to show off their new kit.

HTC's press conference kicks off in London at 3pm on Tuesday 19 February, with a simultaneous event also taking place in New York. That's a few days before the start of MWC, the industry gathering where other new Android and Windows Phone phones and tablets will be shown off.

Mobile World Congress is the annual phone fiesta where mobile manufacturers, networks, app-builders, press and assorted phonicular types gather in Barcelona to wheel, deal and show off phones that appeal. We'll be there mob-handed as always, so keep it CNET for all the essential news, previews and videos of the coolest new phones, tablets and other telephonic kit.

The show itself runs from 25-28 February, although the big companies tend to run press conferences and showcases on the preceding weekend. We'll be liveblogging them too, so keep your eyes peeled.

Nokia has announced a press conference bright and early on Monday 25 February at 8am British time. Samsung will show off new hardware at MWC too, although it will probably hold back the hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 for a separate event.

BlackBerry is set to make the first big announcement of the year with new BlackBerry 10 software tomorrow, as well as the X10 and Z10 phones.

What would you like to see from HTC at MWC? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.