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This new iOS 13 trick fixes an annoying iPhone quirk

We found a hidden feature that will make watching YouTube and Netflix that much better.

The volume slider is out of the way! 
Jason Cipriani/CNET

For years, iOS users have complained about the intrusive volume indicator that would show up in the middle of the screen as they adjusted their iPhone or iPad volume. Someone at Apple thought temporarily blocking the view of a YouTube or Netflix video was a better experience than actually letting us watch the video. 

With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, the volume indicator has changed. Now, when you press the volume up or down buttons on your device when holding it vertically, you'll see a small white line on your screen -- right next to the volume buttons. 

As you press the volume up button, the line goes up, and the same is true as you press the volume down button. When your device is in landscape mode, the volume indicator shows up along the top of the screen and still doesn't block anything. 

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If Apple had stopped there, I imagine most Apple fans would be thrilled. I know I am. But there's a small, somewhat hidden, part of the new volume indicator.

Once you trigger it with a volume button, you can use your finger to slide the white bar up and down, letting you more accurately adjust the volume level. Here, check it out:

Neat, eh? 

Jason Cipriani/CNET

We've found more hidden features in iOS 13 just like this one, joining even more features like dark mode, new Maps features and improvements to the Messages app.