The LG G6's Instagram-friendly camera, explained

The new Square Camera app can help you take better photos with your G6.

Dan Graziano Associate Editor / How To
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Dan Graziano
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LG showed off its new flagship phone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday. In addition to high-end specs, the LG G6 is packed full of new features. One of those features is a new camera app, called Square Camera, that could help improve your Instagram photos.

The feature adds four additional shooting modes: Snapshot, Grid Shot, Guide Shot and Match Shot. You can access the Square Camera through a dedicated app that's preloaded on the phone, or as a shooting option in the regular camera app.

Here's what each new shooting mode does:


The Snapshot mode is the most straightforward. It splits your screen in two, with the top half acting as the viewfinder for your camera and the bottom half used to show a photo preview right after you take it. This is helpful, because it means you no longer have to jump back and forth between the camera app and the photo gallery to make sure you captured a great photo.

Grid Shot

There a dozens of third-party apps on the Play Store for creating photo collages, but G6 owners have one built in with Grid Shot. This shooting mode lets you capture four photos that are then placed in a two-by-two grid and can be shared to your favorite social network.

Similar to Snapshot, the bottom half of the screen will display a preview of each photo in your grid. If you want to retake a specific photo, simply tap on the preview image.

Guide Shot

Guide Shot lets you choose an image from your photo gallery. It then shows an overlay of the image to help you capture a new photo with the same composition as the old one. LG says this mode could be useful for foodies who like to capture pictures of their plates.

Match Shot

Match Shot is similar to Grid Shot. In this mode, you can capture two images (one on top and one on the bottom), which are then combined in a playful mini collage. LG used an example of a dog with a person's body, but I had a lot of trouble matching different images.

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