The iPhone 3GS is going on sale, and no, it isn't 2009

A South Korean carrier is selling original stock of the iPhone 3GS.

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Gordon Gottsegen

This iPhone is a throwback to 2009.


The iPhone 3GS is making a comeback -- nine years after it originally went on sale.

South Korean wireless carrier SK Telink will start selling the iPhone 3GS by the end of the month, ETNews reports (via AppleInsider). 

It won't be a dusty refurbished heap of junk either. SK Telink somehow got its hands on pristine, untouched 2009 iPhones in their original packaging, and it will resell them in original condition after ensuring that each phone works.

Even though the iPhone 3GS will be sold as "brand new," don't expect it to work the same as a recently released iPhone. The iPhone 3GS was discontinued back in 2012, and it only runs iOS 6. As a result, many apps (and even iMessages) won't work on the phone.

The iPhone predates Lightning cables, too, so you'll be stuck using an old-school 30-pin connector.

Still, SK Telink is selling the iPhone 3GS for only 44,000 won, which is equivalent to $40, £30 or AU$55. So this Apple blast-from-the-past could be yours for pretty cheap -- if you're in Korea.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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