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Taco Bell is now on Grubhub and I've never been happier

What more do you need to know?

Caitlin Petrakovitz Director of audience
Caitlin Petrakovitz studies the Marvel Cinematic Universe like it's a course in school, with an emphasis on the Infinity Saga years. As an audience expert, she rarely writes but when she does it's most certainly about Star Trek, Marvel, DC, Westworld, San Diego Comic-Con and great streaming properties. Or soccer, that's a thing she loves, too.
Caitlin Petrakovitz
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Taco Bell
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Seriously, the headline says it all: Taco Bell now delivers via Grubhub, and I'm not really sure why you're still reading this instead of putting in an order. 

I know in my heart of hearts that Taco Bell isn't technically the best restaurant ever, but you try going years without it and then telling me you don't miss it. Who can resist that congealed, slightly cool gel of refried beans with that radioactive-looking, wrong-color-orange cheese that just go together so well?

For me, living in San Francisco means having no accessible TBell in walking distance -- unlike the suburbs of California where growing up it felt like they were everywhere, sometimes attached to gas station.

Now, devotees like myself can order Taco Bell online and have it delivered STILL WARM to their cold apartment doors (or gates, as the case may be).

"Jeez, Caitlin, if you love Taco Bell so much why don't you use Postmates or get a car or something?" Well, for your information, I *tried* Postmates. But Postmates and Taco Bell have always had a tenuous relationship in SF. For starters, there are only seven TBells in the city, that's less than one per 7 square miles. Where I live, there are two I can order from, but that' only during certain hours and only certain menu items are available.

Watch this: We ate at SDCC's epic Demolition Man Taco Bell

Second, only ONE of those is a "full" Taco Bell, the others are half-Taco Bell, half-KFC. Who cares, you, an uneducated fast food consumer, ask me, an aspiring Taco Belle. Well for starters, those who appreciate the Tex-Mex chain's ridiculous limited offerings (nacho fries, anyone?) and desserts. If you walked into any of them besides the Cantina version in the SOMA district of SF (one of the few boozy Bells in the nation!), you would have *limited* offerings available to you. And customizations? Don't even *try* to put those in Postmates, we all know how those come out (where is my extra guac, I know I paid extra for it!).

But with this glorious, potentially life-changing partnership with Grubhub, I can order my exact meal from the full-fledged Taco Bell without worrying that they'll add onions when I requested. And, to plug Taco Bell even more, for a limited time, all orders over $12 come with free delivery -- a number I wouldn't say is hard to hit, but that's definitely the price of a solid meal for some people.

Bottom line: Taco Bell is now on Grubhub, and I only hope this makes you as happy as it does me.

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