T-Mobile SyncUp Tracker is the latest to compete with AirTags, Samsung and Tile tags

T-Mobile's new tracker tag wants to help you find your lost stuff.

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Shelby Brown
T-Mobile SyncUp Tracker

The SyncUp Tracker, one of the latest to get into the lost-and-found game. 


Following the release of Apple AirTags and Samsung Smart Tags, T-Mobile is getting in on tracker tag tech. The mobile carrier on Wednesday introduced the SyncUp Tracker -- a new addition to T-Mobile's line of SyncUp products. The tag uses T-mobile's nationwide LTE network and pairs with the SyncUp Tracker app for iOS and Android. 

In addition, the SyncUp Tracker gives near real-time tracking and virtual boundary alerts. The tag doesn't need to be in a specific range or near a smartphone to work, according to the release. The SyncUp Tracker also sports a light sensor and rings to help you find it more easily. The tag is water- and dust-resistant with a rechargeable 900 mAh battery that lasts about a week, depending on your use. 

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"SyncUp Tracker brings peace of mind to [a] customer's most prized possessions and valuables, which is why we're putting the power of our network behind it," Matt Staneff, chief marketing officer of T-Mobile, said in a release.

SyncUp Trackers go one sale in T-Mobile stores on May 7 for $60 -- or $2.50 for 24 months. You can the SyncUp Tracker service for $5 a month. 

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