T-Mobile beefs up its anti-spam arsenal with Caller Verified

Caller Verified is currently available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with more phones coming later.

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T-Mobile is rolling out a new tool to prevent spam calls.

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It's not just you, spam calls have become way more prevalent in recent years. It's even estimated that almost half of US mobile phone calls in 2019 will be spam.

T-Mobile plans to help people fight spam by rolling out its caller verification technology. On Thursday, T-Mobile said it's launching a feature called Caller Verified. Right now the feature is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (you need the latest software update to use it), but T-Mobile says it'll come to more phones "later this year."

With the new tool, T-Mobile's network will mark incoming calls with "Call Verified" when the company thinks the call is "authentic and not intercepted by scammers," the carrier said in a release. T-Mobile says the feature uses the STIR/SHAKEN standards recommended by the Federal Communications Commission to spot authentic calls.

T-Mobile is the first company to apply the STIR/SHAKEN standards, so you'll only see "Call Verified" if the call is coming from another T-Mobile customer. The company says that Call Verified will work across networks if other carriers start using the SHAKEN/STIR standards too.

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Caller Verified is an effort to fight caller ID spoofing, aka when scammers temporarily highjack a phone number that matches the area code and first three digits of the person they're calling, to make you think it could be someone you know. 

In November, T-Mobile reported that it had blocked over 1 billion spam calls over the past 18 months.

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