T-Mobile announces $50 prepaid unlimited data plan, following AT&T and Verizon

A handful of wireless carriers have been discounting their prepaid data plans this month.

Gordon Gottsegen CNET contributor
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Gordon Gottsegen
T-Mobile store in North Brunswick Township, New Jersey

T-Mobile rolled out a "limited-time offer" for its unlimited prepaid plan.

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Last week, AT&T rolled out a $20 discount on its prepaid unlimited data plans. A few days later Verizon responded with a $5 discount on its prepaid plans that cost $40/month or more. Now T-Mobile is following suit with a "limited-time offer" of $50/month for prepaid unlimited talk, text and data.

You can check out the banner below for more info:

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You can find this on the T-Mobile prepaid website.

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There are some caveats. Video streaming is typically at 480p resolution (not HD), and T-Mobile may throttle your speeds if you use more than 50GB a month (which is a lot of data to use). Tethering is also at a max of 3G speeds instead of 4G/LTE.

The $50/month unlimited plan is a $10 discount from T-Mobile's regular prepaid unlimited plan ($60/month for T-Mobile Essentials Prepaid).

Verizon's recently discounted prepaid unlimited plan costs $65/month, while AT&T sells its prepaid unlimited plans for $65/month or $45/month. In comparison, T-Mobile's $50/month plan is priced competitively, but there's also fine print to consider with each plan (like throttling, hotspot limitations and so on).

You can check out CNET's unlimited data plan comparison for a breakdown of the different plans on the market.