AT&T promo saves you $20 on its prepaid unlimited data plan

The deal ends Dec. 26 online and Jan. 10 in-store.

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AT&T  on Friday announced a promo that'll save you a chunk of change on your AT&T Prepaid bill.

You can save $20 on your monthly bill if you activate a new line of service on AT&T Prepaid and set up autopay. This deal is only eligible for its $65 and $85 per month plans, which means you can get unlimited data for $45 or $65 per month.

Opting for the more expensive $85 per month ($65 after autopay discount) will give you 10GB of mobile hotspot data and the ability to stream video through mobile data at 1080p resolution. The cheaper plan doesn't have this option.

To get the deal, you have to open up a new line of service online before Dec. 26, or in-store before Jan. 10.

You can save more money if you start a prepaid plan with multiple lines.

$45 per month for a line of service with unlimited data isn't a bad deal. Other unlimited data plans start at around $60 per month, but can go up to $95 per month if you increase the mobile hotspot allowance or video streaming resolution. Keep in mind that each unlimited data plan has its own terms and conditions. AT&T may slow down your data speed if you use over 22GB in a month.

For comparison, be sure to check out CNET's full breakdown of all the unlimited data plans on the market.

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