Sprint's Hero gets a face-lift

The HTC Hero phone that was expected to launch with Sprint has received a new look.

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Taylor Wimberly
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Sprint is ready to join the Android community with several phones this holiday season. Sprint

It's been a long summer for Sprint customers waiting to purchase a Google Android phone. Sprint has confirmed that it would launch at least one Android device, but have given no specifics since then. Mounting evidence now points to an October release and new photos reveal what their first Android phone might look like.

We've long expected that the HTC Hero would appear on Sprint first. The phone first launched in the U.K. and was made popular by the new HTC Sense user interface.

First it was reported by an inside source that the HTC Hero would launch on Sprint's network on October 11, 2009. Then last month, the FCC approved a CDMA Hero and a Best Buy employee leaked that the device would go on preorder September 13, 2009.

But just when we thought we knew everything about the Hero launch, new photos have revealed a complete makeover. Instead of the big chin, which people either loved or hated, and the sharp angles, the Hero is a refined device with rounded edges. A brushed metal surface with touch controls has replaced the physical buttons. Also, A gold metal trim that highlights the trackball wraps around the phone. On the whole, it has a classy polished look that we have yet to see from any other Android devices.

Some fans may miss the popular design of the old Hero, but Sprint customers should be excited for this phone. The rumored specs are similar to the original Hero, so we'll get the large 288MB of RAM. As that's is a significant bump over the first couple of HTC Android phones it should aid in increased performance. We also spotted the HTC Sense UI, so this should be the first time U.S. customers can get their hands on this tweaked version of Android. Look for Sprint to make an official announcement shortly before the Best Buy preorder promotion.