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Sprint CEO: We're glad we waited on Android

Speaking at Brainstorm: Tech, Dan Hesse said that the first version wasn't ready for prime time. Also, he says Palm Pre returns not as high as everyone thinks.

PASADENA, Calif.--Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has a lot to say about the mobile operating system he held off on--Android--and not so much about the phone he has backed, Palm's Pre.

At Fortune's Brainstorm: Tech conference here on Friday, he said that he's limited on what he can say about how the Pre is doing because Sprint reports earnings shortly.

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse (center) speaks with Fortune's Jon Fortt (left) at the Brainstorm: Tech conference, along with Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs (right).

Despite that, he told the audience that the primary constraint for selling the Pre has been the number of devices that Palm has made--not demand for the product, he said.

"There have been shortages of the device," Hesse said. Realistically, he said, Sprint won't know if it is a hit for three or four months. "It's too early to tell."

Hesse also said that Palm Pre returns aren't as high as people think.

"There's things all over people are speculating," Hesse said. "Most of the speculation I read is wrong."

As for Android, Hesse said his company is a big supporter of the operating system, but is glad the company waited until the second version of the Google-backed operating system.

"The reviews say now it's ready for prime time," Hesse said. "It wasn't when it first came out."

Hesse said Sprint will have at least one Android-based device for sale this year. >