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Sony Ericsson unveils W595 and W302 Walkman phones

We're taking a look at the other two new Walkman phones announced by Sony Ericsson today, the W595 slider and the W302 candy-bar

Sony Ericsson not only unveiled the slimtastic W902 today, but it also took the lid of two other Walkman handsets: the W595 and the W302. Both will be available towards the end of this year.

Like the W902, neither W302 or W595 have headphone sockets. Instead, you'll need to use a bundled extension cable to connect your headphones to the proprietary connection. These days, this is just unacceptable in a music phone. Other manufacturers, such as Nokia and Motorola, are seeing the light and now put proper headphone sockets on some of their phones.

Anyway, annoyances aside, the quad-band W595 is a slider handset, featuring a 240x320-pixel screen, a 3.2-megapixel camera, integrated stereo speakers, stereo Bluetooth, 40MB of internal memory expandable with Memory Stick Micro M2 cards and it weighs 104g.

The lightest handset in the new Walkman range is the quad-band W302, weighing in at 78g. It's got a 176x220-pixel screen, a 2-megapixel camera, stereo Bluetooth and 20MB of internal memory expandable with Memory Stick Micro M2 cards. Sony Ericsson only reckons you'll get 10 hours of music from a full charge, though, which is rubbish.

We'll have full reviews of both models as soon as we can, but click through for a gallery of photos for now. -Nate Lanxon

The closed W595, only this time from a jaunty angle.

And this time from an even jauntier angle, in full slider style.

Here's a rear shot of the W595. You'll notice the camera doesn't have a flash, so it won't be a great performer in low light.

This is the left-hand side of the W595, complete with its utterly infuriating proprietary headphone socket.

Here's the right-hand side of the W595. Notice the dedicated Walkman button for bringing up the media functions of the phone, as well as physical volume control buttons.

And here's the first shot of the W302.

Here it is from the front. Oh, just look at it go!

A rear shot highlighting this phone's lack of a camera flash as well.

An angled shot from the rear shows off the proprietary headphone connection.

The W302 from the left-hand side.

And finally, here's the W302 from the right.