Nokia N95 8GB review: Nokia N95 8GB

The Good Larger colour screen; 8GB of memory; black casing.

The Bad A few bugs and crashes; high price.

The Bottom Line Upgraded mobile phones are usually disappointing, but the Nokia N95 8GB is a truly superb successor. The larger screen, 8GB on-board memory and black casing are so seductive, we were sad to see it go back to Nokia, but it's still pricey and it's still chunky

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8.3 Overall

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The Nokia N95 8GB is an updated version of the best-selling original N95 and while it's still rather chunky, there are a few serious changes to it that make it a significantly better mobile phone than its predecessor.

It's currently available for free on a monthly contract with almost all the major networks, including 3 and Vodafone.

Packing a larger screen than the original N95, we really enjoyed viewing content on the N95 8GB, particularly watching videos and browsing the Web. The navigation keys at the bottom of the screen, although smaller, seemed easier to press too.

Nokia's got rid of the somewhat pointless media menu that appears when you slide the original N95 down and you can navigate the 8GB's start page normally. Overall, the interface felt snappier to use and the N95 8GB's boot-up time was far quicker.

The screen on the N95 8GB is significantly larger than the original N95's and flush with the casing

At the back of the N95 8GB, the fiddly camera cover is gone. The advantage of not having a cover is that you no longer have to worry about the camera accidentally being activated in your pocket, which regularly happened on the original N95.

A minor but noteworthy feature is the N95 8GB's black casing. It's amazing how a change of colour can bring out a phone's sexy side and we think Nokia may have sold even more original N95s if it had come in black.

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