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Solve Your Own Murder In Ghost Detective on Netflix Games

You can play this game, and many others, for free with a Netflix subscription.

Zachary McAuliffe Staff writer
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Zachary McAuliffe
Title card for Ghost Detective showing five people and the city of New Orleans

Just in time for spooky season, Netflix added the haunted mystery game Ghost Detective to its games library on Tuesday. You can play this game for free and without ads or paywalls with a Netflix subscription (starting at $7, £7 or AU$7 a month) on Android and iOS devices.

This game was developed by the Berlin-based studio Wooga, which developed other story-driven titles like June's Journey and Switchcraft.

In Ghost Detective, you play as Detective Tessa Robinson. Your latest case? Figure out who murdered you in the ghost-filled city of New Orleans.

To solve your case, you float between different locations around the Big Easy and find hidden objects at each spot. Sometimes you have to find a list of different objects and other times you might have to find multiples of an object, all within a certain time.

Between finding hidden objects, you talk to different people, living and dead, in order to uncover your killer. And maybe if you're lucky, you'll run into the ghost of Voodoo queen Marie Laveau.

You can access this game and others with any of Netflix's subscriptions, which start at $7 a month. To access Netflix games, open the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device, scroll down the homepage until you see the Mobile Games carousel, and tap into the game you want to play.