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Apple Arcade's Slash Quest is a feel-good game of unexpected friendship

The new game is available to play now, as well as updates for Butter Royale, Murder Mystery Machine, Tales of Memo and Overland.

Slash Quest is a silly, adventurous tale of friendship between a shepherd and a sword.
Apple Arcade/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET

Apple Arcade on Friday added Slash Quest, a silly new adventure game from Green Pillow, Mother Gaia Studios and Noodlecake, to its growing catalog of over 130 games. Slash Quest thrusts you into the role of Shep, an unlikely knight, who comes across the Queen's lost -- and quite chatty -- sword, Swordie.

Over 12 levels -- packed with boss fights, side quests and challenges -- you'll solve puzzles, chop up enemies and unlock treasure. The controls took me a second to get used to, and definitely seem to lean into the "bumbling" aspect of Shep's character, but you can customize them as needed in Settings. 

Slash Quest is a cute, colorful game that's perfect for the family. If you like Yak's Down in Bermuda, Secret Oops or Frosty Pop games, you should check out Slash Quest. 

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Check out the trailer here: 

You can also check out the latest updates to these four games on Apple Arcade now:

Butter Royale: Sink your teeth into a beefy update that includes time-limited gameplay modes and duo-only matches. Players can also make the new Hot Sauce Squirty -- a flamethrower-like machine that spits out hot sauce -- their weapon of choice.

Simon Davis, CEO at Mighty Bear said the team is always working on keeping Butter Royale fresh. 

"The future is bright," Davis said in an email. "Over the next few months we'll be working on adding more ways to play, new NOMs, and giving players more reasons to keep hitting the Butterfield."

Murder Mystery Machine: The game's update takes you back in time to play as detective Nate Houston, as he takes on the case that turns him into the surly man we meet in the basement in Episode 1. 

Tales of Memo: This update adds a second chapter with 40 new levels, gameplay features and enemies to the memory game.

Overland: With this update, players can check out a new introduction and prologue, three new difficulty settings and seven new gameplay modifiers including all-dogs mode, tourist mode and expert setting. There's also new rest stops and pugs (if you're excited about the dogs!).

With the release of Apple Arcade, Apple entered the mobile gaming world a year ago. The subscription gaming service costs $5 a month (£5, AU$8) and lets you play more than 130 new and exclusive games across the iPhone, iPad, Mac, iPod Touch and Apple TV