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Skype brings screen sharing to iOS and Android to make your life easier

The feature is out of beta testing.

Skype now lets you share screens on mobile. 

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to share your phone screen with someone -- to go through notes during a presentation, show photos to loved ones or shop online with friends.

On Wednesday, video chat app Skype introduced the ability to share screens on mobile. Screen sharing is available on the latest version of Skype on Android and for iOS devices running iOS 12 and up, according to a blog post. Previously, users could only share screens on the desktop app.

Here's how you can share your screen on Android or iOS:

  • Start a Skype call
  • Tap the "more/…" button
  • Tap the screen sharing button (two squares overlapping)
  • On iPhone or iPad, you'll need to select Skype and Start Broadcasting

Skype also organized the call screen with the new "..." menu button. That's where users can now access screen sharing, call recording and subtitles without cluttering the call screen. 

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