Samsung, Starbucks Collab on Coffee-Inspired Galaxy S22, Galaxy Buds 2 Cases

One Starbucks-themed Galaxy S22 case even looks like a store receipt.

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Nina Raemont
Phone and earbud cases from the Samsung-Starbucks collaboration.

The phone and earbud cases are available starting June 28, but may be hard to find outside of South Korea. 

Samsung/Screenshot by CNET

Samsung and Starbucks are making coffee-themed Galaxy S22 accessories and a Galaxy Buds 2 case, all of which sport a combination of the Starbucks logo with various shades of green to match. They're available for purchase Tuesday, but only in South Korea for now. 

The Starbucks line includes the entire Galaxy S22 line, with cases also available for the S22 Plus and S22 Ultra. The buzzworthy case lineup takes inspiration from the coffee chain -- from the signature Starbucks green aprons to the latte art in your favorite cup of joe. There's even a phone case that looks like a Starbucks receipt. 

The two new Galaxy Buds cases include a forest green case flashing the Starbucks logo and a case that resembles a mug with a latte art heart inside of it. The cases are compatible with Galaxy Buds 2, Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live. 

This Starbucks collaboration isn't the first whimsical phone accessory collab Samsung has participated in. For Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip 3 in April, the company partnered with Pokemon to create Pikachu and Poke ball merch. 

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