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Is Samsung sneakily snorting at Apple again?

Commentary: Analyze some of the words in Samsung's new Galaxy Note 8 teaser and you might conclude that Samsung thinks Apple isn't, oh, innovative.

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 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


A skewering of "Think Different"?

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The mere sniff of new phones in the air is stronger than any new car smell.

Those on Apple 's side are mesmerized by what its new phone -- or even phones -- will be called.

Those on Samsung 's side have pulsating loins at the idea of a non-explosive Galaxy Note 8.

Indeed, in teasing this new phone, has Samsung gone back to a little poking of Apple's more sensitive parts?

I ask because the Galaxy Note 8 teaser ad released Monday leaves itself open to anti-Apple interpretation.

It's a simple thing that juxtaposes words that don't apply to Samsung and its new phone and those that do.

So "talk" is not a Samsung concept, "act" is. Might this be a touching tweak of Apple's constant hype machine and even its hyperbole-heavy events?

Then there's the contrast between "update" and "innovate," the latter being the word that describes Samsung's new phone. 

Would this suggest that Apple's new phone will be more of an update than a true innovation?

How about "closed" versus Samsung's "open"? Now that's surely a reference to Apple's walled garden being set against Samsung's open system in which anyone can play.

As for "follow" versus "lead." Well, many have felt that Apple is always letting others take the lead, while trying to perfect what those others get wrong.

But the one that seemed like the biggest dig in this ad was "think" versus "do." 

Apple's famous tagline is "Think Different." Surely, surely, this was a barely veiled needle being stuck into an Apple rib. 

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. We can only wait, then, to see what the company does.

After all, it's apparently all about the doing. 

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