Samsung SGH-i310: 8GB of mobile phone goodness

Ladies and gents, the Samsung SGH-i310 -- the first phone to pack 8GB of hard-drive goodness. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a while for this one

Andrew Lim
2 min read

Remember the days before MP3 players, when mobile phones needed carrying cases and laptops were too heavy to put on your lap? Those were the days, my friends, we thought they'd never end -- but luckily they did.

The good news is that music players and phones are converging into ever smaller and neater packages. Samsung's new SGH-i310's hard-drive-based mobile smart phone is a perfect example.

The SGH-i310 runs on Windows Mobile 5.0, has a 2-megapixel camera and an impressive 8GB hard drive. It's true that Apple's video iPod has a 60GB drive, but you can't snap a photo with your iPod -- or call your mum on it.

The SGH-i310 can be used as an MP3 player or a storage device, and should appeal to music lovers and data monkeys alike -- but at the moment they'll have to live in South Korea. Unfortunately, sources at Samsung in the UK say there is little chance of it making it to our shores any time soon.

If you can't afford to fly to South Korea, and you can't wait for Samsung to release it in the UK, you can always get the SGH-i300, which packs a mere 3GB but is still a phone to be reckoned with. Crave doesn't like being cut out from all this fat phone action, and if Samsung doesn't stump up soon we'll mount a campaign, get a wrist band made up -- or if that doesn't work, we'll just move there.

What do you think? Mad as hell because you want that 8GB mobile smartphone now? Tell Crave all about it. -AL

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