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Samsung says its Galaxy flip phone will last over 200,000 folds without breaking

After last year's fiasco with the Galaxy Fold, Samsung says that the new Z Flip will be a more durable foldable phone.

The foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip promises to fold more than 200,000 times without issue.
GIF by Mike Sorrentino/CNET

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Samsung announced a new foldable phone called the Z Flip at its Samsung Unpacked event Tuesday. From the sounds of it, the Z Flip should be a more durable device than the company's previous addition to the folding phone trend, the Galaxy Fold.

Specifically, the Korean manufacturer claims that you'll be able to fold the clamshell-style device open or shut more than 200,000 times without it breaking. If that claim holds up, it'd be a marked improvement over the Fold, which lasted 120,000 folds before breaking in our own tests this past fall.

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That, of course, came after a botched springtime launch that forced Samsung to pull the product, fix the issues with the folding screen and relaunch the Fold later in the year.

The Z Flip arrives Feb. 14 at a price of $1,380 (£1,300). We'll be sure to put those durability claims to the test just as soon as we get our hands on one.

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