Samsung opens reservations for a new Galaxy device, rumored to be the Note 20

We don't have any specifics about the new phone, but you can still reserve a preorder invitation now through Aug. 4.

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A leaked image, reportedly of a copper-colored Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which is expected to debut on Aug. 5.

Screenshot by CNET

Samsung hasn't officially announced what's next for the Galaxy lineup, but that isn't stopping the Korean conglomerate from taking reservations for whatever it might be. A new splash page on Samsung's website calls on consumers to "be the first to experience the next Galaxy."

Rumors and leaks point to a new Galaxy Note device -- namely, the Note 20. On Wednesday, tech site WinFuture and noted leaker Evan Blass released images of a purported Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra.

Those who sign up for a reservation between now and Aug. 4 -- one day before Samsung's Unpacked event -- can expect to receive an email invitation to preorder the yet-to-be-unveiled device. Those who complete the purchase will receive $50 in the form of a Samsung credit.

Note 20 or otherwise, the new device is also eligible for Samsung's Buyback Program, through which owners who keep their phone in satisfactory condition can exchange it for a credit worth 50% of the full retail price after 24 months.