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Samsung Galaxy S20 buyback scheme gets you half your money back

You could get up to $800 off if you trade in your Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 512GB within two years.

Keep your Samsung Galaxy S20 in good shape and you could get half your money back.
Angela Lang/CNET

There's no escaping the fact that Samsung's Galaxy S20 phones are pricey, but the South Korean company is letting you use that investment to take the sting off your next upgrade. It's launched a buyback scheme that promises to credit 50% of the full retail price to your payment account if you buy directly from Samsung and return your device within two years.

Samsung's website lists exactly how much you'll get for each S20 series model so you can plan ahead. An S20 will get $500. The S20 Plus will be worth $600 for the 128GB model or $675 for the 512GB one. And the S20 Ultra is worth $700 for 128GB or $800 for 512GB.

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You'll have to manually enlist in the program when you buy the phone and you'll have to keep it in good shape. In other words, you'll definitely want to keep it in a case.

"We will review the condition of your phone -- it must operate normally and have no damage beyond normal wear and tear," the site notes.

If you opt to buy your S20 from another retail or carrier site, it won't be eligible for a buyback. The scheme currently only covers S20 models, but Samsung said "other products may also be added in the future."