Note 9 gets two new colors: Cloud Silver and Midnight Black

The new US-only color arrives Oct. 5, and Midnight Black arrives Oct. 12.

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Scott Stein

Cloud Silver, you're very shiny (next to Midnight Black).

Sarah Tew/CNET

It's not gold, but it's definitely very silver. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 debuted in some unique colors like lavender and deep blue with a bright yellow S Pen, and now it's getting the more standard black and silver tones, coming to the US very soon.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in a new Cloud Silver, and all its colors

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The Cloud Silver Note 9 has the same glass back as existing Note 9 models, with a shimmery silver paint underneath. We got a close look at one ahead of its launch next week. It's almost a throwback look. Cloud Silver models are coming exclusively to Best Buy in carrier-locked and unlocked versions, or unlocked via Samsung online.

Watch this: Samsung Galaxy Note 9 now comes in cloud silver

The 128GB Midnight Black model, previously a global-only version, is arriving in the US Oct. 12. A 512GB version is available Oct. 26.

The Cloud Silver and Midnight Black Note 9s come with a same-colored silver or black S-Pen stylus. Remember, the Lavender Purple has a lavender S-Pen. The Ocean Blue has a different-colored, snazzy yellow S-Pen.

And, if you're curious, below is the Cloud Silver Note 9 next to the gold iPhone XS Max.


XS Max, gold (left), Note 9, silver (right).

Sarah Tew/CNET