Samsung's Galaxy S8 could lose its headphone jack, too

The latest rumor has Samsung following Apple and Motorola's lack-of-audio-jack lead.

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People scoffed and moaned when the iPhone 7 ditched the headphone jack, but it seems like the trend could continue. The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 may become the next popular phone to forgo the headphone jack, according to SamMobile.

A lot is riding on Samsung's next Galaxy S flagship. After this fall's Galaxy Note 7 went up in flames, all eyes are on Samsung's next moves. Apple's jackless iPhone 7 ruffled some feathers, as did Motorola's Moto Z when it, too, came to shelves without its jack (but strangely, the Moto Z Play does have one). While making this move would keep Samsung in line with a trend, it would also give the Galaxy S8 one fewer way to stand out against its arch-rival iPhone.


A USB Type-C port (seen above on the Galaxy Note 7) is believed to be coming to the Galaxy S8.

Sarah Tew/CNET

With no audio jack, phone owners would have to listen to audio through Bluetooth headphones or headphones compatible with the phone's USB Type-C port. The USB-C port, which Samsung first debuted on the now-extinct Note 7, should help the phone charge faster and transfer data files quicker.

By removing the headphone jack, Samsung would be able to free up space that it could use to make a bigger battery or thinner phone. (It's possible that a phone design that didn't leave enough space for the battery to expand caused the Note 7 battery explosions.)

SamMobile's source also says that the Galaxy S8 will:

Samsung declined to comment for this story.

These changes, including ditching the headphone jack, reflect a larger hardware arms race among Samsung and other manufacturers. It's worth noting that earlier today the Supreme Court ruled in Samsung's favor in a long legal battle with Apple over its patents.

If Samsung continues its annual trend, the Galaxy S8 should launch in February at the giant Mobile World Congress show.