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Samsung Galaxy S5 out in January in S4 slump, report says

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be rushed out as soon as January to fight falling sales of the Galaxy S4, a new report says.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 could be just a couple of months away, as new reports suggest the sequel to the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be rushed out to fight falling sales.

Korean site Naver -- founded by ex-Samsung staffers, incidentally -- reports that the S5 will be revealed in January to gloss over a slump in sales of the S4.

If true, the S5 could be shown off at annual technology bunfest CES in Las Vegas, although Samsung phones have largely outgrown trade shows and there's more likely to be a stand-alone event.

Reports say the S5 will pack a 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilisation. It's also set for a Samsung Exynos processor rather than a Qualcomm processor, which is nice after the S4 had different processors in different countries. Fingers crossed for a powerful eight-core chip, which appears in the S4 but only in selected countries and not in the UK or US.

Fingers crossed too for a classier design than the glossy, plasticky S4 -- and maybe even a curved screen. Samsung this week revealed its first flexed phone, the Galaxy Round, which borrows the leather-effect and fake stitching of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rather than the divisive plastic back of previous devices. The S5 could continue the leatherette look, although previous rumours suggested it could be the first metal Galaxy blower.

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This is only a rumour, however, and seeing as the S4 only went on sale in late April, it's a rumour we're taking with a pinch of salt. There's poor sales and there's poor sales, and even if the S4's receipts have slowed, it's still shifted like warmed baked goods: 20 million flew off shelves in the first two months alone.

Previous rumours whisper that the S5 could boast a 64-bit chip like the iPhone 5S, and could give you the option of Tizen software.

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