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Samsung Galaxy S2 ICS Vodafone update still in testing

Vodafone's Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still in testing, with no date set yet.

Vodafone's Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 isn't ready yet, with the red-tinted network saying the software upgrade is still being tested.

In a statement sent to CNET UK, the chaps at Vodafone said, "The Android 4.0 upgrade for Galaxy S2 smart phones running on the Vodafone UK network is currently under test to make sure that we provide the highest level of final software."

The statement continues, "As soon as the tests are completed we will upload the software to the update servers as quickly as possible."

Comments on the site and on our Facebook page tell me that S2 owners are desperate to get a scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich on their mobiles, but it looks like those of you using Vodafone blowers will have a little longer to wait.

UK network Three has already won the Great Ice Cream Sandwich Race, confirming on Tuesday that it had released the long-awaited update for the Galaxy S2.

Other networks are lagging behind, though. Orange says S2 owners can expect the update in April, and we're still waiting to heard from O2. T-Mobile says that it's "working to make our build available as close to Samsung's release date as possible."

Samsung's release has been and gone, however. The South Korean company started pushing Ice Cream Sandwich to SIM-free S2 devices on Monday, though not all those smart phones will receive the update at the same time, so don't panic if yours hasn't arrived yet.

Should phone companies be making more effort to update mobiles on their networks? Or should folks simply try to be patient and wait for operators to get it right? And do you think waiting months on end for updates is doing serious harm to Android? I want to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or over on our Facebook wall.