When will my Samsung Galaxy S2 get Ice Cream Sandwich in UK?

The Samsung Galaxy S2 update to Ice Cream Sandwich is available in Britain now, but when will it land on your phone?

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The long-awaited update for the Samsung Galaxy S2 to the latest version of Android, known as Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), began on 19 March.

Samsung pushes the new software to the various networks -- such as O2, Orange and Three -- which may or may not tweak the interface before setting it loose on your phones. I've been in touch with all the UK operators to see exactly when they plan to release it.

When am I getting Ice Cream Sandwich?

As far as we're aware, every major network has pushed out the ICS update now. SIM-free S2s should have the upgrade too.

We haven't had confirmations from any of the operators who piggyback on the major networks -- companies such as Virgin Mobile, Tesco and so on -- so do drop us a comment if you're still waiting.  

Who's got it already?

Three was first out of the gate, rolling out the update to its users on Tuesday -- and leaving the other networks looking like the laggards they are.

O2 originally told us it expected to release the update "at the end of March" -- but it sprung a pleasant surprise by unleashing ICS on 27 March, a handful of days before the end of the month.

Vodafone was next, teasing us with the prospect of an update on 12 April but delaying it at the last minute. The delay was only a minor blip though -- the operator confirmed to us on the 17th that ICS is now available for its customers to download.

Orange said the update would be available "by the end of the week" on 19 April.

T-Mobile was the last of the major networks to update, with its rollout beginning on 23 April.

SIM-free owners received the update on 17 April, nearly a month after they were first promised it, after a Samsung exec admitted they would be last in line. It didn't quite work out that way, but the delay was still extremely galling to S2 fans.

What's taking so long?

This is just the next chapter in what has been a long tale of mixed messages that's left all of us here at CNET UK -- and no doubt every S2 owner in the country -- rather frustrated. It's not surprising though. Android updates are typically slow to come out and are one of the main irks users have. Our own Luke Westaway even went so far as to argue that it's the biggest threat facing the operating system.

I suggest you bookmark this article and check back to see when your network is going to serve you your frosty software treat. In the meantime, check out the 10 reasons why ICS beats Gingerbread and head over to our Facebook page to tell us just how livid you are with Samsung's awkward update process. Keep it family-friendly please.

If you'd like to see how we installed ICS on our Samsung Galaxy S2, watch this video:

Watch this: How to install ICS on Galaxy S2


Update 19 March: Added O2 date.

Update 22 March: Added Three launch, and T-Mobile date.

Update 27 March: Added O2 launch, included Samsung statement.

Update 10 April: Added Vodafone date.

Update 18 April: Added Vodafone launch.

Update 23 April: Added Orange, T-Mobile and SIM-free updates.