Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 update to finally reach UK in early November

The Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo upgrade will reach unlocked handsets at the beginning of November, and ones on networks just before December.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

Android 2.2 Froyo will finally reach the Samsung Galaxy S in early November, for unlocked handsets in the UK. Unfortunately, those of you locked to a network will have to wait another few weeks for the upgrade to Google's mobile operating system.

You'll need to run Samsung's Kies software on a PC, connecting your Galaxy S with a USB cable. Samsung has developed a new version of the much-maligned Kies for the purpose of this upgrade and will offer video tutorials, so hopefully it should all go smoothly.

The update will give the 1GHz, Super AMOLED smart phone a new lease of life, offering a better Internet experience with enhanced Web browsing and navigation, as well as improved pinch and zoom. The user interface has also been given more colour. Added features include Flash 10.1, improved Google Maps with Navigation, and the ability to search in-browser.

Locked phone owners will have to wait longer than those with unlocked handsets, as Android 2.2 is being tested right now with UK operators. Orange and T-Mobile have already promised you should expect the update at the end of November, and O2 thinks it'll be broadly the same time. Vodafone said it wasn't going to give a definite date, while 3 didn't bother to reply.

Big Sam said in a statement, "We expect all operator versions of the software to be fully tested and downloadable by the end of November," which lays the blame firmly at the door of the networks if December comes around and you're still drumming your fingers.

Hopefully there won't be too many examples of operators sticking their own applications and bloatware in along with 2.2, although we've already seen Vodafone try it twice, once with the Galaxy S and also with the HTC Desire.

Once November arrives, have a download, and let us know how you go -- tell us if the added goodness was worth the wait. If you have any problems though, flag those up too.