Samsung Galaxy S upgraded to Android 2.2 on T-Mobile by end of September

Those of you with the Samsung Galaxy S will get an update to Android 2.2, but only if you're on T-Mobile. Elsewhere, Froyo for the Orange HTD Desire is rolled out.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

The Samsung Galaxy S will get some Android 2.2 Froyo love by the end of this month, but only if you're on T-Mobile.

On its customer support forum, T-Mobile announced the software update will come to the Galaxy S by the end of September. This will be available through its drag and drop Samsung Kies PC software. T-Mobile didn't answer why you had to use this application, which some people have reported problems with, rather than over the air.

It advised that you backup all your important data, such as contacts and pictures, before updating. Samsung didn't say whether reported lag issues and problems with the Galaxy S' GPS were also going to be fixed with the update. There was no information from the other networks about Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 updates, but we'll let you know if anything happens.

Orange, however, confirmed via a tweet from its PR manager Conor that Android 2.2 is now being rolled out to HTC Desire owners on the network. This is just as Conor promised in August, after he said there would be a delay to the update that had been expected at that time.

The Froyo update means the T-Mobile Galaxy S and Orange HTC Desire will get support for Flash Player 10.1, which should make movies and games much smoother. There's also a significant speed increase. Other features include the ability to use LED flash when shooting video, and the ability to share a 3G connection with a laptop over Wi-Fi.

Expectant owners will hope Orange and T-Mobile have ironed out the issues that have plagued Froyo's roll-out. Getting the update from Google to the handset manufacturers and then the networks has been very bumpy, with delays and various hiccoughs getting under the skin of those of you desperate for a phone refresh.

Are you on the Samsung Galaxy S? WIll this update make a big difference? And HTC Desire owners -- is Android 2.2 all you've been dreaming about and more? Let us know.