Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 Froyo update arrives on T-Mobile and 3

After months of waiting, the Android 2.2 Froyo update is finally available for Samsung Galaxy S phones on T-Mobile and 3. Ready, set, Kies!

Samsung Galaxy S users on T-Mobile and 3 who've been waiting for an update to Android 2.2 Froyo can stop holding their breath. According to the networks, it's finally here, after months of waiting.

The update was announced on the T-Mobile forums yesterday, after a 1 December launch led to some teething problems. T-Mobile told us that some users weren't seeing the update on their phones, but, as of 24 hours ago, the update should now be available to everyone. 

announced on Twitter that its customers with a Galaxy S would get the update on 6 December.

The update came to phones that aren't locked to a network last month, but people with network contracts have to wait while the operators test the software and add their own features. For example, the T-Mobile update was delayed because it had to be tweaked to flip between T-Mobile's signal and that of its new partner, Orange.

To get Froyo, you must connect your phone to your computer and use the Samsung Kies syncing software to update it. Usually, Android updates are downloaded automatically by the phone, directly from the network. But Samsung prefers to tie its phones to its quirky Kies software.

We can tell you from bitter experience that the updating process can be as flaky as fish pie, with Kies struggling to detect the phone on occasion. But keep trying -- unplug the USB cable and try another USB port, and don't forget the benefits of a restart. After all, the update is well worth it.

You'll enjoy all the benefits of Froyo, such as support for Flash in the browser. But plenty of bugs and annoyances specific to the Galaxy S have also been fixed. For example, you can now turn off the jingle that announces when a call has been connected. Also, a new cursor makes editing text a hundred times easier.

Is the pleasure of an update worth the pain of waiting for it to drop? Let us know about your update adventures in the comments section below.