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Samsung's first Galaxy Note 9 video tease is kinda hilarious

But also a little ironic.

Jessica Dolcourt Editorial Director, Content Operations
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Jessica Dolcourt
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The Galaxy Note 9 could come in black with a black S Pen, blue with a yellow stylus or brown with an S Pen to match.

Evan Blass via Twitter
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Samsung's campaign to have you love its next big phone has just begun.

The tech giant has released the first of three 30-second videos teasing a phone widely expected to be the Galaxy Note 9 . In the video, you see a person trying to meet up with a friend, using a phone (presumably an iPhone , Samsung's favorite target) that's on its last battery legs. 

The phone drains from 5 percent to 4 percent and so on as the person frantically attempts to find a way to prolong battery life and, failing that, desperately recharge the phone. Too bad, so sad. 

And then these words flash on the screen: "Battery can't keep up? A lot can change in a day." The ad concludes with the date of Samsung's next Unpacked event, August 9, which is when the phone unveiling will take place.

I can relate to this ad, which is probably why I liked it, in a sort of painful grimacing way. But while Samsung is clearly priming us for awe-inspiring battery life on the Note 9, the irony can't possibly escape any of us that it was the fire-prone battery on the Note 7 that was the source of so much of the company's woe. 

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As you remember, Samsung had to recall its Galaxy Note 7 twice after multiple reports of phones exploding as a result of engineering flaws that caused the volatile chemicals within some batteries to collide and ignite. Since Samsung's findings and apology, it also bulked up its testing procedures for battery safety on all phones, not only the Note line.

If that debacle is still a sore subject for Samsung, you'd never know it watching this teaser spot.

Samsung's Unpacked event takes place on Aug. 9 in New York. Meanwhile, here's everything you need to know about the Galaxy Note 9.

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