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Best Galaxy Note 9 leaks and render pictures we've seen so far

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 might be around the corner, and we can't help but check out some concept photos.

Perla Shaheen
Perla Shaheen is heading into her junior year at UC Berkeley and spends her spare time hiking or reading. She's been captivated by tech and all its advancements since age 10, when she got her first hot pink Motorola Razr flip phone. And after 19 years as a Southern California native, she still cannot surf, but that doesn't mean she'll ever stop trying.
Perla Shaheen
1 of 37 Concept Creator

Update, Aug. 9: The Galaxy Note 9 is now official, and we've gone hands-on. Original story follows.

Before Samsung announces the Galaxy Note 9, take a glimpse at all the rumored leaks and creative renders we found. This one is from Concept Creator, which imagines what devices might look like based on rumored specs.  

galaxy note 9 renderr
2 of 37 Evan Blass

Most recently, mobile Twitter tipster Evan Blass tweeted renders of the Galaxy Note 9's supposed colors. The leaked colors are black, blue, and brown. While the black and brown keep tones simple ...

3 of 37 Evan Blass

... the blue comes with a shockingly yellow S Pen. 

4 of 37 Concept Creator

The Note 9 could have a screen of 6.38 or 6.4 inches, making it larger than last year's Galaxy Note 8...

5 of 37 Concept Creator

...though the Note 9 might not differ much in design from the Note 8, as suggested by this render from Concept Creator.

6 of 37 MadMix

A common rumor is that the Galaxy Note 9 will launch on Aug. 9 in New York, purposefully avoiding a September release that would clash with Apple. 

7 of 37 MadMix

Despite similarities, it's rumored that the Galaxy Note 9 will fix one major flaw of the Note 8...

8 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

...the fingerprint sensor might be underneath the dual rear cameras, not to the side, as shown in this rendering from 91mobiles.

galaxy note 9 render 3
9 of 37 Concept Creator

Other renders, like this one from Concept Creator, also show a fingerprint sensor in the middle-back of the phone.

10 of 37 Olixar

Olixar, a phone-accessory-making company, has already come out with cases for the Note 9. This render and case portrays the fingerprint sensor underneath side-by-side rear cameras.

11 of 37 Olixar

This screen protector by Olixar leaves holes for dual front cameras.

12 of 37

Frequent mobile tipster Ice Universe posted a rendered case similar to Olixar's.

galaxy note 9 render 6
13 of 37 Concept Creator

Here's a closer view of the scanner. 

14 of 37 Concept Creator

Early rumors pointed to a fingerprint sensor underneath the screen, imagined here by Concept Creator.

15 of 37 Concept Creator

However, it's also rumored that Samsung will save the save the in-screen fingerprint sensor for the Galaxy S10.

16 of 37 Ice Universe

Ice Universe tweeted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will only get a small adjustment from last year's model.

17 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

One bigger difference would be a horizontal layout to those dual cameras, rather than a vertically stacked camera design like on the Galaxy S9 Plus.

18 of 37 Ice Universe

This leak was also tweeted by Ice Universe, showing the possible screen panel for the Galaxy Note 9. 

19 of 37 Phone Arena

A render from Phone Arena illustrates the rumored measurements for the Note 9 in comparison with the Note 8. 

20 of 37 Concept Creator

We're almost certain that the dual-aperture lens from the Galaxy S9 will also come to the Note 9...

21 of 37 Concept Creator

...but no rumors have claimed that the front-facing camera will have a dual-aperture lens as well.

22 of 37 Concept Creator

We hope it will -- more aperture lets more light into your photos, making for brighter selfies.

23 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

If the Galaxy Note 9 can incorporate a 3D front-facing camera, it can add a secure full-face scanning feature like the iPhone X's Face ID as an option alongside Samsung's secure iris scanning.

24 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor that Samsung's Note 9 is rumored to have can support this technology, which uses infrared light to map your face.

25 of 37 Concept Creator

This render by Concept Creator shows a more colorful set of Note 9 phones to choose from: blue and red in addition to black. This would be a brighter array from the subdued colors of the Note 8.

26 of 37 MadMix

Other renders include an even larger variety of colors to choose from. This one from MadMix shows the Note 9 in blue, brown, gray, lilac and black. 

27 of 37 Concept Creator

Though Samsung's foldable phone is in the works, rumors suggest we won't see it until 2019.

28 of 37 Galaxy Note 9 News

After that Samsung commercial mocking the iPhone X's notch, it's unlikely that the Galaxy Note 9 will have one. Galaxy Note 9 News thinks so, too, as shown in this render.

29 of 37 Galaxy Note 9 News

It's most likely that Samsung's Bixby AI software will continue to live on in the Note 9. Bixby has been a staple feature of most high-end Galaxy phones we've seen.

30 of 37 Galaxy Note 9 News

Hopefully, Samsung will improve its Bixby digital assistant, specifically with better natural-language processing, improved noise cancelling and faster response times.

31 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

It's a common rumor that a new stereo speaker will be placed at the bottom of the phone, to the right of the Note 9's digital S Pen stylus.

galaxy note 9 render 2
32 of 37 Samsung

Samsung's teaser ad hints at the possibility of an S Pen stylus that supports Bluetooth.

33 of 37 Concept Creator

This update would shift a lot of Samsung's focus to the S Pen, and not as much to the phone itself.

34 of 37 Samsung

With bluetooth, the S Pen would act like a remote for your phone, allowing you to control music or even take photos from a distance.

35 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

This design was rendered by 91mobiles. Note the speaker grill on the bottom left of the phone. The Galaxy Note 9 will probably also have a headphone jack, like the Galaxy S9.

36 of 37 Concept Creator

Concept Creator came up with a similar render for the bottom of the phone.

37 of 37 OnLeaks/@91Mobiles

We're still more than a month away from the rumored August date of Samsung's Unpacked event for the Note 9, but we'll keep a sharp eye out for alleged pictures. Meanwhile, here are the features we think the Galaxy Note 9 will have.

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