Samsung confirms Galaxy S5 will launch at MWC in February

A Samsung exec in Korea has confirmed that the Galaxy S5 will make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in February.

Joe Svetlik Reporter
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Joe Svetlik
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Bad luck if you were hoping to see Samsung's next flagship phone at CES next week. Because the handset is destined to launch at Mobile World Congress in February, Samsung has confirmed.

Samsung's executive vice president and head of design strategy, Dong-hoon Chang, said that rumours that the S5 would rock up at Mobile World Congress were "about right", Korean site iNews24 reports. It's a pretty poor translation from the Korean, so I contacted Samsung for confirmation and a spokesperson told me "Samsung does not comment on rumour and speculation."

According to Chang, it's "under review" whether to use a new material such as metal for the S5, and whether it'll have a flexible display like the Galaxy Round.

Samsung normally holds its own launch event for a new device in the S series, in a bid to rival the hype usually reserved for Apple's new handsets. I reckon it'll unveil the S5 at a separate event, and then show it off at Mobile World Congress.

This tallies with a previous report that claimed the Galaxy S5 will launch less than a year since the S4, seeing as the S4 has had slightly disappointing sales. (But then what's "disappointing" for Samsung would be a great result for most phone firms.) The S4 was unveiled in March last year, and went on sale at the end of April. It looks like the S5 could hit the shop shelves in March, if this report is correct.

The S5 is rumoured to have eyeball-scanning tech that would let you unlock it just by looking at it. Pretty sweet. Samsung unveiled a new chip recently that could mean the S5 packs a ridiculous 4GB of RAM as well as a 4K screen. That would be quite some handset.

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