Preorders for the LG G7 ThinQ begin this week for US carriers

Verizon kicks things off Thursday.

You can preorder the LG G7 ThinQ from US carriers beginning this week.
Sarah Tew/CNET

The LG G7 ThinQ will launch June 1, but you can preorder the new handset from major US wireless carriers beginning this week.

Verizon will kick things off Thursday, with Sprint and T-Mobile following suit on Friday, all with different purchase options, of course. Sprint is offering the handset for $33 per month on an 18-month Sprint Flex lease, while with T-Mobile you'll pay $30 down and $30 per month for two years. Verizon is a little more expensive, at $31.25 per month for two years.

AT&T said earlier this month that it won't be carrying the G7 ThinQ. Instead, a company spokesperson said AT&T will carry a different, exclusive LG phone.

The G7 ThinQ (pronounced "thin-kew"), officially introduced earlier this month, is waterproof and sports an AI camera designed to give your photos an extra boost before you snap them. It also has a secondary wide-angle rear camera, a headphone jack and 64GB of expandable storage.

But the phone has a familiar design, its Google Assistant button isn't reprogrammable, and battery life doesn't look promising, notes CNET's Lynn La. Read her full review here.

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