O2 4G for Edinburgh in next few weeks, closing gap on EE

O2 4G is coming to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Wetherby and Huddersfield in weeks, as the LTE network now covers a quarter of Britain's population.

O2 4G is coming to Edinburgh, Newcastle, Wetherby and Huddersfield in the next few weeks -- and the oxygenated network is closing the gap on EE as it now covers a quarter of Britain's population with 4G speed.

It's been 9 weeks since O2 threw the switch on its 4G network, and it now reaches over 15 million people in 11 major cities and 90 towns from Paisley to Sevenoaks.

O2 was crowned the best network for customer perks and the best overall British phone network at last night's uSwitch awards, where Three and Tesco mobile were applauded for their good value.

O2 turned on 4G in Manchester this week. Sean Bean's favourite network is in a race with Vodafone to bring 4G to new towns and cities and eat into the almost year-long headstart enjoyed by EE.

That headstart means among other things that EE blitzes the competition in 4G download speed tests, but O2 is certainly closing the gap on EE's tally of 131 towns and cities covered by 4G.

Both O2 and EE recently launched pay-as-you-go 4G deals, but EE is still one step ahead with what it claims to be the "world's fastest" LTE-Advanced 4G network, right here in Britain, serving selected businesses in the hipster heartland of Silicon Roundabout in East London. And if you're exceptionally data hungry, EE will sell you a whole petabyte of the digital stuff -- for just £8m.

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