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O2 4G PAYG deals launch, data doubles if you stick around

O2 launches pay as you go deals for 4G mobile Internet today, with more calls, texts and data the longer you stick around.

O2 4G PAYG, OK? O2 launches pay as you go deals for super-fast 4G LTE mobile Internet today, starting from £15 per month.

Unlike deals that tempt you with a bumper basket of introductory data and minutes before cutting back to regular levels, O2's 4G Pay & Go Go Go deals actually give you more the longer you stick around. After three months of topping up on O2, your calls, texts and data allowance double.

From today, £15 nets you with 75 minutes talky-chat, 500 texty-missives and 500MB of data. After three months, that doubles up to 150 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB of data. After six months, that ramps up again to unlimited texts. Lawks!

If you need extra, bolt-ons are available costing £3 for an extra 100MB of data, £6 for another 500MB, or £10 for an extra 1GB on top of your deal.

Mobile broadband deals launch in November so you can connect to the Web when you're out and about with your dongle, tablet or laptop.

"O2's new selection certainly follows the trend of being a pay-as-you-go plan in name more than deed," says phone expert Ernest Doku of uSwitch, "as the best benefits are gleaned from regular monthly top-ups, making it more like a traditional contract.

"O2 has its work cut out in acquiring customers based solely on their Priority service, but as a gateway to 4G for the masses, O2's offerings do have a decent selection of handsets and appealing entry level price points."

Bonus features from O2 include the Priority ticket booking service -- and an exclusive listen to Lady Gaga's new album Artpop six days before general release. Ma-ma-ma-ma, an' that.

Britain's first 4G network EE launched PAYG 4G deals today. In the latest tests, EE blitzes the competition in 4G speed tests and still has the widest coverage, although Vodafone and O2 are expanding into major cities. O2 launched 4G in Manchester today.

Is PAYG 4G on O2 A-OK? What's the best 4G deal? Tell me your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook page.