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Note 9 could be cheaper and filled with copper pipes

A trio of Note 9 rumors purportedly show a cheaper price, a new cooling system made of copper, and another look at a wireless charging dock.

An alleged Indonesian ad for the upcoming Note 9 was posted on the Chinese site Weibo.

On Aug. 9, Samsung is expected to reveal its Galaxy Note 9 phone at a New York press event. But even though the presser it just a little more than a week away, that still hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning over new speculations.

Case in point: new Note 9 rumors about three different aspects of the phone attempt to shed new light about what we may expect. The first comes from the Chinese blogging site Weibo. As reported by BGR, a user posted supposed print ads for the Note 9 from Indonesia. On the flyers, the Note 9 starts at 13,500,000 Indonesian rupiah. That converts to about $937, £713 and AU$1,265. 

Though we know that Samsung phones don't hold consistent price tags across all markets, it's interesting to see that in this particular case, the conversion rate is less than last year's Note 8 (which started at $950, £869 and AU$1,499), and it's below the previously rumored $1,000 price tag for the Note 9.

Another rumor from MS Power User shows a new cooling system for the phone, wherein the right side of the phone will be loaded with copper tubes to divert heat away from the processing guts of the phone. Heat dissipation is of particular interest for Galaxy Note phones given that Samsung had to recall its Note 7 model in 2016 due to those phones catching on fire.

Lastly, Sammobile posted leaked images of a supposed wireless charging dock that can charge two devices at a time. This isn't the first time we've heard of this charging dock and pad, known as the Wireless Charger Duo, but these leaked images do give us a different look at it.

These latest rumors have not been confirmed or verified by Samsung, and the company did not immediately reply to a request for comment. As always, take these speculations with a grain of salt -- at least until we officially know more on Aug. 9.

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