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Nokia True Wireless Earbuds are HMD's answer to Apple AirPods

The sweat-resistant wireless earbuds come with a charging case and can last up to four hours on a single charge.

The True Wireless Earbuds and charging case.

Right off the heels of announcing its Nokia 7.1 midrange Android phone, HMD Global unveiled its own pair of Nokia wireless earbuds.

The sweat- and splash-resistant black earbuds pack into a 4-inch (100mm) charging tube. They have an estimated playback time of 3.5 to 4 hours, and last up to 70 hours on standby. Additional features include Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities and a USB Type-C connection. The earbuds will be available for about $79 (£61, AU$112) and are due out in November, according to Android Authority.

As phone makers continue to make phones without headphone jacks, releasing their own lines of wireless earbuds has become more common. Apple launched its AirPods in 2016 after removing headphone jacks from its iPhone 7

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OnePlus released its Bullets Wireless Bluetooth earbuds this year and confirmed that its upcoming OnePlus 6T flagship phone won't have a headphone jack. 

Though the Nokia 7.1 still has a headphone jack, the release of the True Wireless Earbuds may signal a move to remove headphone jacks from Nokia phones in the future.