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Nokia Asha 200, 201, 300 and 303 first up at Nokia World

S40 phones for the developing world are announced first at Nokia World, to encourage the next billion people to access the mobile Web.

First up at Nokia World? The Asha line for the developing world -- the 200, 201, 300 and 303. They run S40, but best of all? They're all getting Angry Birds. That's right, Angry Birds is going truly global.

Blanca Juti, Nokia's vice president of mobile phones, outed the handsets, along with a series of completely fictional people she's met for whom they're targeted.

Anyway, the phones are brightly coloured with keypads for texting. They're all web-connected with Wi-Fi and 3G too, aiming to get the next billion people accessing the internet via mobile phones.

The 303 has a Qwerty keyboard for quick texting and emailing, as well as a capacitive touchscreen. Under the bonnet is a 1GHz processor.

But the big news is Angry Birds is coming to Series 40, so even those without a high-end Android smart phone or iPhone can get in on the bird-flinging action.

The handsets aim to blur the line between smart phones and mobile devices, which sounds like Nokia is phasing out dumbphones. That's got to be good news for everyone.

We'll bring you more news and specs as they're announced. What do you make of these colourful smarties? Let us know on our Facebook page.