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Angry Birds for Android review: Angry Birds for Android

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The Good Simple; addictive; Funny; Beta is free.

The Bad Beta may be buggy; Not available on all Android phones.

The Bottom Line These birds may be enraged, but that doesn't stop us from loving the feathery fury of this charming puzzle game. A time-suck in the best possible sense

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8.3 Overall

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Angry Birds may sound like a bad run-in with a hen do on a Saturday night, but it's actually an addictive puzzle game that's been a huge hit on the iPhone, and has just made it to Android.

Furious fowl 

It has so many fans that there's even a movie in the works, and no wonder. It's our favourite kind of mobile game -- deceptively simple, and instantly addictive. If you like Paper Toss, but you're sick of that boring office and balls of paper, Angry Birds is definitely worth a look. It also involves chucking stuff, but this time it's little, angry birds being boinged from a slingshot. Their goal is to crash into structures to destory them, and get at the egg-stealing pigs hiding inside.

The narrative is simple but charming, and the little sounds made by the flying birds and grumbling pigs are endlessly amusing. Each level is just new enough to be a fresh, but not frustrating challenge. 

This is a game that's all about physics -- whether we're talking bird trajectories or the tumbling, crashing walls of a pig-sheltering lean-to. And the developers have done a good job at harnessing the physics to make the actions predicatable -- and the game-play fun.

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