Nokia 801 and Nokia Air Cloud leaked by Nokia 700

A phone rumoured to be the Nokia 801 has appeared in the strangest of places.

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Richard Trenholm
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We've seen leaked pictures of new phones in some strange places, but this is a new one: a phone rumoured to be the Nokia 801 has appeared on the screen of another unreleased phone. It's like the Inceptionof rumoured mobile phones -- it's phones all the way down!

The phone appears in  one of those demo videos at a trade show, with a foreign gent stroking and poking at a Nokia 700 for Greek phone blog Techblog.gr. Opening the video app, we see a demo video showing off the features of an unknown phone (spotted by GSM Arena). Word on the street is that this is the Nokia 801, previously known as the Nokia N8-01.

The new phone runs Symbian Belle, the next generation of Symbian software for Nokia phones, and displays a Nokia Air Cloud logo -- presumably Nokia's name for its wireless technology.

The mystery phone is shown using near-field communication (NFC), which allows you to wave your phone at another gadget and have them talk to each other. It's most commonly associated with paying for stuff by waving your phone at a till, but despite being big in Japan that technology isn't widespread here yet.

The demo video shows the phone in question becoming a remote control for a stereo system. Tapping the phone on the stereo beams a song from one t't'other without the aid of wires.

The phone has an edge-to-edge screen and a brushed metal body. It appears to sport a curved glass cover, like the Nokia N9 -- which won't be coming to the UK. The curved screen will probably also appear in Nokia's Windows Phone devices, the prototype of which -- codenamed Sea Ray -- is based on the N9.

We've embedded the video below. Let us know if you can understand what the fella's saying -- it's all Greek to us.

Is this a real phone or a generic concept to show off the uses of NFC and Symbian Belle? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.