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LG G-Slate is the pop star of the tablet world -- in 3D!

The LG G-Slate is busting some moves alongside a Korean ex-boy-band pop star in the latest -- and weirdest -- tablet leak.

The LG G-Slate is a pop star. The Android tablet made its musical debut alongside a Korean ex-boy-band pop star in this latest, weirdest leak of a new tablet PC -- and rumours suggest it may be the first 3D tablet, too.

The G-Slate appears in the clip for What Can I Do, featuring K-pop pretty boy Seungri breaking "it" down in a garage, and chatting up the ladies in a vaguely Logan's Run-style bar. One disgruntled filly drops a necklace in a glass of champers, and the camera lingers lovingly on the G-Slate, propped up on the bar where it's just asking to have gin spilled all over it.

It's all a natural function of the story, obviously, and not a clanging piece of product placement -- there's clearly a massive and previously untapped crossover between fans of bouncy Korean electropop and new consumer technology.

The G-Slate is set to be powered by Android 3.0 Honeycomb, the forthcoming tablet-friendly version of Google's mobile operating system. You wouldn't guess it from the video, however, as Seungri and friends are more interesting in prancing about than downloading sweet Android apps.

The G-Slate appears to boast two cameras, so it can film 3D video. That can then be played back on the Slate without glasses.

It's not clear what the G-Slate's relationship is to the LG Optimus Pad, the forthcoming bigger brother of LG's Optimus smart phone range. They may even be one and the same device, if G-Slate turns out to be a new name for the O-Pad.

Motorola and HTC are also preparing Honeycomb tablets for launch this year. Amid this chorus line of rivals, the iPad 2 is also on the cards.

The G-Slate is set to launch on T-Mobile in the US, but there's no word on UK plans.