Nokia 6260: 6600 eat your heart out

If you thought the credit crunch meant that Nokia would slow its production, think again! Nokia is still going strong, churning out another attractive slider phone, the 6260

Andrew Lim

It's only been a few months since we reviewed a cute little Nokia slider called the 6600 and already Nokia has unveiled another similar phone in the form of the 6260. But unlike the 6600 that was a fairly simple mobile, the 6260 is a fully fledged smart phone with similar features to the Nokia N95.

The 6260 runs on Series 40 6th Edition that supports Nokia's open source browser for full web look and feel, Adobe Flash Lite 3.0 so you can see mobile ads and other flash content, and a Java-based location application programming interface so that people can develop location based apps.

It packs a 5-megapixel camera, HSDPA and Wi-Fi for fast access to the Internet, and GPS alongside Nokia Maps. All in all it's one feature packed phone that looks like it comes in an attractive casing, but we'll reserve our final judgement for when we get one in, which hopefully won't be too long.

It may not be an iPhone 3G but touchscreens aren't the be all and end all, which is why we're glad to see that Nokia is still focussed on producing easy-to-use handsets that are packed with features alongside its more bleeding edge products. Keep it coming Nokia, this is what you do best.